The Hybrid Brick Sorter - NXT 2.0 Discovery Book update

This is one of the robot projects that you can build with "The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Discovery Book - A Beginner's Guide to Building and Programming Robots".

The Hybrid Brick Sorter sorts LEGO bricks by four colors and two sizes. Chapter 14 in the book will tell you all about this robot: how it identifies a bricks color and size; how to build it and how to program it. You'll also find various challenges to further expand on the robot program and design.

Learn more about the book here, or pre-order the book here. It will be available in April.


Looks nice! Love the robot activity going on in the background while the sorting robot is sorting the bricks. :D

This book is one of the main reasons I would want an nxt 2.0 :) your robots are always amazing.
Andy D said…
You have just convinced me to buy the book. If the rest of the book is like what was depicted in the video it should be great!
Laurens Valk said…
Thanks all for your kind comments!

Part of the book is about cool robots as in this video, but another big part (not shown here) is entirely devoted to learning to work with the NXT and to learn how to program.

Each of the programming sections are built up this way:

1. explanation;
2. programming trick in action;
3. programming challenges

(but on difficult sections I have an additional in action program even before the explanation, to visualize a new concept, i.e. data wires)

I have several building challenges as well. I'm setting up a companion website where readers can share their solutions to the challenges 'Discoveries'.

A list of the robots in the book (8) is found here:

Andy D said…
After I poster my comment I went to Amazon and ordered.

Waiting... waiting... waiting
Fay Rhodes said…
One thing I know is that anything Laurens does is high quality.

I hope you sell a million, Laurens!
Sparks said…
i am having lots of trouble programming it.

the only thing it does is send the brick into the color sensor and says "no object" please help
Unknown said…
I am having lot of trouble programming it to, and I have the book.

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