Lemon 2.0: Compare your model against different NXT sets

Lemon (LEGO® Model Nibbler) is a tool that allows for finding out whether a LEGO® model can built with a particular NXT set or which parts are needed beyond the contents of that set. The brand-new version 2.0 is a Java application that compares a LEGO® models laid down in LDraw or LEGO® Digital Designer  format against different NXT sets and lists  the parts that are used in one model but not in the kit (and vice versa).
Using a graphical user interface, the model can be checked against
  • the NXT Kit 1.0 (#8527)
  • the NXT Kit 2.0 (#8547)
  • the NXT Education Kit (#9797)
  • the NXT Education Resource Set (#9648)
  • the NXT Education Kit plus the NXT Education Resource Set
The results might be exported to a HTML, PDF or Excel file then.

All you need for installation (best with Firefox web browser) is a Java 6 Runtime on your machine.

Give it a try - I'd be grateful for feedback, proposals or bug reports.
Don't hesitate to contact me in case of troubles with the installation.


I love this! I'll definitely give it a spin and provide some feedback.

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