NXT Club Dance Robot, 3it3ot (BitBot)

Master builder NeXTSTORM keeps amazing us with his robot creations, and here's yet another inspirational design. In the past, the NXT has been combined with music several times, but this approach is one I haven't seen yet. Just watch the video to see what I mean, and read more on NeXTSTORM's webpage.


Andy D said…
Very nice. It looks like he used a modified version of his TubeIt bot for the base.

He continues to produce amazing creations!
Unknown said…
I got a FTP (First To Post) about this!!! YAY!! I even got it before NXT Step?! Anyway, AWESOME ROBOT!! I like how the neck bounces :-D
jojoguy10 -
John Koh said…
Cool robot! I've been blogging about Lego Robotics too lately as I'm in First Lego League Malaysia 2010 too.
Guess you would do well in FLL or so if you went for it.

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