Wizkidz: the NXT meets disabled students

Do you remember the WizKidz Science and Technology Centers we blogged about back in 2007?
It's a  non-profit organisation in Georgia that works (amongst others) on developing the capabilities of disabled students to design, build and program robots, primarily using the NXT.
Rayshun Dorsey now sent me a mail on the most recent achievement of Wizkidz, who announced in a press release from end of February:
"WizKidz Science and Technology Centers in conjunction with the Georgia Institute of Technology has received $490,000 from the National Science Foundation -Broadening Participation in Computing(BPC) initiative to develop Accessible Robotic Programming for Students with Disabilities (ARoPability), a three year research project that will identify means for increasing the computing pipeline that taps into nontraditional populations and investigate the use of alternative interface modalities in engaging middle and high school students with disabilities in robotics-based programming activities."
This is great!
Have a look at their interesting web site and find out more about an awesome way of making use of MINDSTORMS NXT.   


Shep said…
That is very interesting to me. I happen to be paraplegic. Not that affects my capabilities with building with Lego, but I also am an engineer which it does affect. I have to figure out mobility issues all the time. In fact, most of the things I build are large and I have a hard time carrying, so I have to ask for help all the time. This is a program I would be interested in getting involved in if it weren't half way across the country for me.
Shep, I wish you could make it Atlanta in April for WorldFest... Rayshun usually makes it to the event.

Kudos to Georgia Institute of Technology & Kizkids on their undertaking! Need more programs & research in this area & other populations that NXT robotics could help young people to succeed.

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