Bald eagle in ADT block

edit: Perhaps I shouldn't had posted this on april 1st, but THIS ISN'T A JOKE!
IF you don't believe me, download the block and see for yourself:

Some time ago I was working with Guy Ziv's advanced display text block for NXT-G. I noticed something rather strange. everytime I selected the block, something appeared in the "display preview window" I couldn't see it properly, it is only there for a fraction of a second, a short flash. I managed to take a screenshot, and I was utterly surprised...

I saw a bald eagle!
I'm not shure wether this is a weird glitch, or a "easter egg" planted in by Guy.


邱信仁 said…
Isn't this block made by Guy Ziv?
Martijn H. said…
My excuses:
endeed the block is made by Guy Ziv.
Andreas Dreier designed some fonts for it. Hence the mistake.
i think I remember you talking about this before ;)
Martijn H. said…
megamindstorm101: endeed,
I blogged about this on theNeXtlog some time ago.
So I have got visitors?
. said…
Very funny trick...

I know it's not real.

You just took a snapshot of the NXT-G program
and added the eagle which was a totally different picture.

-- Keizo M.
Martijn H. said…
I shouldn't have posted it on april 1st. actually this IS REAL!
If you don't believe me, download the block and see for yourself.
I downloaded the block and to my surprise it is real :P (I belived you when you said it was real but i still thought it was funny :P) it actually shows up for about .3 seconds.
Martijn H. said…
0.3 seconds?
that seems long... but it doesn't always appear for the same time...
I E-mailed guy ziv about this, but I haven't got a response yet...

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