Call for WorldFest 2010 Photos

If you've got WorldFest 2010 Photos, please let us know! I'd like to be able to post links to Flickr or other photo albums if our readers are willing to share.

As soon as Joe Meno, editor of BrickJournal posts his annual collection of WorldFest photos, I'll share the news. Alas, my digital camera died after taking just 3 pictures... but those 3 pictures are great, I promise! (Okay, maybe not... )

We had a LOT of MCPers at this event, so I'm also hoping we can help you put names to faces for some of them. The LEGO booth was a fun place to be, with plenty of sample robots, including the famous Wall-E.

Next year - St. Louis, Missouri! I'm looking forward to it!


ronmcrae said…
That Y-T link is the the original Wall-E. The one on the Lego booth in Atlanta was a more recent, bigger, more functional and more awesome one by the same builder. We need to get our pictures out.
Unknown said…
St. Louis? No more Atlanta?

As I understand it, it will be held in SL for the next 3 years. I heard they signed a contract for 3 years but nothing after that.
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Check out this slide show

Some pictures i managed to take at the event. Sorry for all AFOL and robots i missed :( -- guess i was to busy talking LEGO!

It was so great to meet you! Thanks for all the pictures... and I'm glad Wall-E made it home safe. I hope you can make it to St. Louis next year.

Fay Rhodes said…
I'm really disappointed that I ended up not making it to Atlanta.

Marc, is there supposed to be a link to a slide show? I don't see one.
Fay it would had been great to meet with you! Perhaps next year in St-Louis? as for the link... not sure what happened but here it is again

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