FLL WorldFestival Atlanta 2010

Here are the first pictures form the FLL World festival in Atlanta.

FLL Opening Ceremony, with ice.

LEGO show and help point.

Interview on the Moon, with Steven C. for Moonbots.org

Jay's Raching Machine

SUMO BOTs, from Bryan Bonahoom (sorry about misidentifying them previously)


Bryan, Chris, Steve, and Mantis, in real and on the NXT Box.

Flow chart of the AI program.

13 year old wrote a AI program in NXT-G.

please feel free to stop by and talk with us.



chiwiluvr said…
nice.I like the picures.
My camera died on Day 1... Chris Smith managed to get some good photos and I took 2 before it died... argh! (Disclaimer: I dropped it about a week ago so I should have known...)
Robotica said…
live video:

Unknown said…
Thanks for the pictures. I'm looking forward to hear (and see) from your experiences. :)
And one day, maybe ...

Enjoy the time.

(Besides, Martyn, I didn't find any WorldFestival videos any more on the nasa page you cited :( )
NXTPuny said…
Awesomeness, The pictures were cool. and the creations were neato.
Rohan Deshpande said…
I was there! Most amazing experience ever. Three days of a robtics and LEGO saturated atmosphere was heaven on earth
Hello everyone sorry for not responding sooner,, it's been a blast these past few days at the LEGO booth and the weeks before that as i was creating wall-e3 and now i'm back to work :( OK i owe you a video of Wall-E3 just need to find the time!!

This FIRST event... my first... was awesome and meeting so many MCP's, LEGO staff and all you Fan's of LEGO Mindstorms was an overwhelming experience. I can't wait do it again next year!

please check my blog regularly for upcoming video and pictures links of the event and of Wall-e3

wait that picture at the end is the ai program? that thing is one heck of a big program.

ai for what?

I wish I could be there.

wow the wall-3 is really nice good job bazmarc

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