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Hi, My name is Marc-André Bazergui, bazmati or bazmarc on social media.
Jim asked me to join The NXT Step as a contributor, It is a challenge I must accept and hope to bring information you will enjoy.  But first let me introduce myself.

I'm a 42yo Adult Fan Of LEGO Mindstorms, French Canadian living in Montreal, Quebec. It all started when the RCX took me out of my dark age. I have to admit I got charmed on the idea of mixing my newly found passion (computer) with an old one i had as a kid (LEGO). The Internet showed me i was not alone and provided me with answers idea and... new LEGO friends worldwide.

I got my first NXT when it came out in 2006 and soon after joined QUELUG.org.  Back then we were 6 members, with only one other owning an NXT. Today the Quebec LEGO User Group counts over 40 active members many of those now have an interest in Mindstorms

Today  I take part in many organizations involved in bringing NXT into schools. go check them out, there is  Zone01.ca (competitions) and ProfAQUA.ca (after-school activities) I've even had a chance to teach WeDo to 4yo which is great because they will be Mindstorms future users.  I also help our local LEGO Education reseller by hosting a Robot Invasion shows usually held just before xmas... This  give me a chance to talk with parents and kids and introduce them to the greatest 'toy' ever!

But most of all, i enjoy building robots, programming robots, making video of and talking about my robots! My most popular one to date turned out to be my rendition of WALL-E !! Who would have known this little robot would have propelled me so far! (read more on this in BrickJournal Issue#9 or on my blogs). Most of my work can be seen on my YouTube Channel. I enjoy playing and talking LEGO with kids and grown ups from around the world via video conferences or chats.

All of this is my hobby that I plan to carry out for when i retirement!!!  Meanwhile, i work as a Remote Technical Support Specialist. Occasionally i even find myself talking about my robots to customers, those always turn out to be fun calls :)

Enough with the BIO,  Let me start by posting a video montage of my recent trip to Atlanta for the FIRST Worldwide Championship 2010 where i met thousands of Mindstorms fans, many MCPer and the LEGO crew for the first time!

(... nothing fancy just using iMovie templates ...warning it is 7 min. long high paced video ...oh ya and thanks NeXTSTORM for the cool soundtrack you let me use!)

I: /. 7.


Laurens Valk said…
Welcome to the NXT Step!
Andre said…
That was fun... great movie clip.
congrats in becoming a contributor.
Unknown said…
Thnkas, bazergui, for the movie. Very worthwhile for those who could not be there in person.

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