Moonbots Interview with Mr. Canvin from LEGO

Sequeling Richard's post with the announcement of the Moonbots challenge, here's an interview with Mr. Canvin from The LEGO Group about this challenge.

A direct link to the video is here.


Laurens Valk said…
Check out who's interrupting the video at 2:58 :-)

And you can see Chris Smith walking around, too. I'd know those shoes anywhere.
Pe-ads said…
I'm loving the bot that Laurens mentioned. It actually hits the MoonBots guy!
Robolab 2.9 said…
Pe-ads - it's especially funny since that is the robot Laurens brought.

yes,,, that was the best part of the video hehehe, your robot heading to the moon!
well i'm sad to announce -- Québec and Argentina cannot participate in MoonBots :( but the whole rest of the world can !

I'm quite disapointed (criss de Loi 101)

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