NXT ATM Machine

This is a fantastic looking ATM machine. It takes notes, spits out change and can keep track of different accounts using the Codadex RFID sensor.

One of the coolest features I think is the fact that it scans the banknotes as they go in with a light sensor, and creates something like a histogram. It then compares it with a 'known' banknote to figure out the value.

Another nifty mechanism is the numerical keypad, which pushes a different coloured tile in front of a colour sensor.

Damien Kee


Unknown said…
Every single component of this brilliant miracle would be worth a separate post...

Time for another statue in the Eternal NXT Hall of Fame.
there should be a hall of fame. I know people have some of their work in meuseums but like all the robot builds should be in a giant meuseum that would be sooooo cool.
Unknown said…
Its really a revolution in ATM industry. Can you please explain us its other features also?
eclipse said…
Nice design, Thanks for sharing this post. Can you give some more information ?
Unknown said…
saw the nxt atm machine awsome just awsome, i would love to build one acually that and a coke machine are my 2 main projects im just getting into large projects and reallt have noidea where to get plans or ideas bought a few books with some complex small things but after i would love to do an atm where do ya get started
thanks for reading my comment and once again awsome build
Unknown said…
woow hard time to post lol
but worth it
im terry and i saw your nxt atm machine
my gf is a 4th grade school teacher so when she saw it her eyes lit up and she asked me if i could build one im a aviation mechanic so yea i can lol
but id neeed the plans and have no idea how id get started any ideas im new to large builds but im very excited about it any pointers or ideas where and how to get started on something like this i dont wanna plagerorize someone elses work cause ppls hearts and minds goingto this but i honestly dont know any other way
i would great apprecieate any info you could give hell id pay for the plans lol id like to do this and a full coke machine
thank you for reading my comment and once again awsome build
thank you

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