NXT Powered by Solar

NXT's powered just by solar?

Dexter Industries have given a brief glimpse of what they're working on.

Does anyone have any more information than this

Damien Kee


Anonymous said…
Eh, I think I thought of it first. :D

Brian Davis said…
Spacedude, I suspect there were people working on this before you had LEGO :). The idea is a very old one, and there have been some successful implementations... but it's tricky. I may have more information on this at some point, but not as yet.
Anonymous said…
You're probably right.

My idea was to somehow connect the LEGO Solar Panel from LEGOEducation to the NXT Battery pack... not sure if it would have worked, though. I would have needed one of these,a cable from the RCX kit and a plug that fit into the NXT Battery pack.


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