Thanks for playing along

Yes, yes, yes...

Yesterday's posts (most of them) were April Fool's Day jokes... not meant to be taken seriously.

If and when a 3.0 kit is ever developed, I can probably guarantee it won't have 40 Hassenpins... more like 25 or 30.

Sorry about not approving most of your comments, but many of them would have given away the joke and we wanted it to run for a while to let everyone see it.

Resume normal routine...

Happy Easter to many of our readers... have a safe and enjoyable weekend.


Unknown said…
I KNEW it! I almost fell for it, but NO! lol.
jojoguy10 -
Anonymous said…
I do think we need more Hassenpins.

But the 50L beams, Wireless motors, and $125 price tag gave it away, big-time.

Great joke, though!
yup it was obvious only because i came here specifically to see what thenxtstep did for april fools.

laurens was very good but immediately I knew what was going on (because I have the part) i am 99% sure its how he did it im nost sure if I am allowed to tell but that was pretty darn clever and for about 45$ you can do the same :P its still in beta though and should be out within a month or so I assume.
nxtluvr said…
i seriesly thought there was a 3.0 coming out...i was so sad!untill i figured out there was no 3.0...then i was happy

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