WorldFest - Next Week!

Those of you attending WorldFest next week, please come by the LEGO booth and say hello! There'll be a bunch of NXT Step bloggers on hand, including Fay Rhodes, Chris Smith, Richard Li, Martyn Boogaarts, and Laurens Valk. (I think Dave Parker is also going to be in attendance, but may be involved in FLL activities.)

Bring your books and get them signed... I'll try and find out what other LEGO NXT book authors will be present and post shortly.

And finally, we're hoping to put some of you to work as guest bloggers (if you are interested and have the time). We'd like to get a lot of posts with photos and writeups about all the activities going on, and we can use some additional help... so please let us know if you're interested by posting a comment here or just hunt us down at the LEGO booth.


Unknown said…
Is this the FLL World Fest? In Atlanta? Cool!
jojoguy10 -
Robolab 2.9 said…
Yes, at the Georgia Dome!


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