AnyWay -- Build a Segway in 30 minutes

Last Saturday, I blogged about a Segway programmed in NXT-G. Many NXT Segways out there work very well, but they're hard to get to work with common tools software. Therefore, I decided to create a step-by-step tutorial to making your own Segway with simple tools. All you need is Any version of the NXT set (Hence AnyWay), plus the HiTechnic Gyro Sensor. The tutorial can be found here, and a video of the robot is shown below.


gloomyandy said…
Hi, very nice. Is the "source" for the program also available?
Laurens Valk said…

It is not at this point. I wanted to avoid problems with compiling (broken My Blocks, etc)

Also, it wouldn't compile in NXT-G versions 1.x.

Maybe I'll publish the source later.
Laurens Valk said…
Oh, and thanks Chris!
that is very smooth for being nxt-g brilliant brilliant robot. How many blocks are in this robot?
gloomyandy said…
Hi Laurens,
Thanks for getting back. I'd be interested to see how complex things ended up with your control code. Perhaps you could publish some sort of pseudo code for it (which would be easier to read...). I built my own version of this along with a PID loop etc, in Java (leJOS), but never really got the movement part working very well. So great job...
Laurens Valk said…

Sorry, I didn't plan on counting the number of blocks I used :-)
My favourite code in C translated to NXT-G blocks is:


I just love how many NXT-G blocks you need for this :)


I made the original code in RobotC for the school project, and this was much like a 1:1 translation to NXT-G to make it all a bit more accessible for the public.

Perhaps publishing the RobotC code could be helpful, though I need to clean it up.

I'm not going to have much time in the near future however (on vacation!). But if you have any specific questions, please do email me.

Humm... i really should get this sensor and after seeing what you did with it in NXT-G, I'm even more tempted :)

Also, your video is featured on MAKE:Online along with a very nice write up. Congrats!!
Laurens Valk said…
Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I did not see that.
Unknown said…
What type of controller does this robot use? PID perhaps?

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