BobBot Mk2

This cool bot is based on the BobBot (from the One Kit Wonders book, created by various authors here at NXT Step).

The bot includes:

It can handle these because of the Sensor MUX.  It's programmed in RobotC.  The HUD is pretty slick.  Gives you a good view of what is going on in the robot while it's running around.

You can see the details, and some videos, here:


Laurens Valk said…

Maybe it's my browser, but I don't see a picture of the robot on the blog. Perhaps you can include it in your message.

I have had a real-world look at both the original bobbot and this one. They're interesting designs. The original one was limited by the contents of the 1.0 kit and bobcat looks, and the new one was not, resulting in some nice expansion possibilities.


Snatcher Mk2 on the to-do list? :-)

Eric D. Burdo said…
UPDATE: I included a picture of Xander's BobBot Mk2 here.

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