Brickworld 2010 - 30 Days 'Till Competition

Brickworld 2010 is rapidly approaching. If you've been, you know it's an incredible experience, getting together AFoL's from all over to share their amazing creations. If you haven't been... it's well worth the trip. With just 30 days to go preparations are in full swing, & I thought I'd mention a few aspects that might appeal to the Mindstorms crowd. There will be displays with the NXT there, and also some head-to-head competitions. There will be Robot Basketball (collisions on the field? So much the better), Robot Jousting (risk of NXT's hitting the floor? Always exciting), and even NXT sinking into the pool (a LEGO pool challenge... although not explicitly robotic, it certainly could be in the future). There will also be FLL style events, and lot of other fun things going on, including people to meet and talk to, and plenty of ideas running around... not to mention give-aways, prizes, etc. for full admission (and for those who can't be there the entire time, there's always the public days). Please feel free to check out the links and we hope to see you in Chicago soon!


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