Coming Soon: Altimeter from Mindsensors

Once again LEGO-X has spotted an upcoming sensor... This time it's from Mindsensors and visiting their Coming Soon page  you can read about them making an Altimeter for Mindstorms NXT.
"With an Altimeter, you will be able to measure altitude above sea level."
Sounds like an interesting sensor for NXT projects such as HALE
I wonder what other ideas you may have for an Altimeter equipped robot?

(edit)  ...Found this post entry dating back to 2008 by Brian Davis


Brian Davis said…
The real question is just what they are releasing. An altimeter is often a fancy name for a pressure sensor... so it's a question of "how fancy" that's important (something I don't see on the Mindsensors page). Chief among these are resolution (what the smallest pressure change that can be measured, or the corresponding smallest altitude change) - and if you want a reasonable resolution, the sensor almost has to be I2C because the 10 bit AtoD converter on the NXt just isn't enough. There's also temperature correction, and total range (what the highest elevation it will measure for instance)?

I'm really looking forward to this - I use pressure sensors for physics experiments, water level monitors, altimeters, and if I had one in the proper configuration as an airspeed sensor (Pitot tube). Hopefully this will be a ported sensor, not "just" an altimeter, because if it is, they're throwing away a lot of advantages and possible uses (for both hobby and the educational market).
Unknown said…
You'll better attach an alethiometer to Lego. That will be much more use :)

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