Coming soon: Pressure sensor from Dexter

Joey, a young fan of LEGO Mindstorms who runs his own blog, was recently invited to test Dexter's upcoming sensor.  He wrote a nice article about it. I invite you to read it on his LEGO-X blog latest post:

Special! Datalog report for the new sensor from Dexter Ind. : dPressure

The NXT Step is often his number one source for news and information about NXT related things ...but not this time!  Well done Joey and thanks for your report.


Hello! I am new here,your blog is great, I like it! I want to make friends with you. Hope you like me,thank you very much.
Unknown said…
Thanks for posting about this Bazmarc! I really appreciate it
Katerina said…
I have very very large request. I use Lego mindstorm in shool. I have at home only program, but I haven't got a robot. We must make a labirynt, like this . I can't do it:(

Could you send me on e-mail this program in .rbt ? my mail is
Thank you very much in advance!!

(sorry for my english;) )
Unknown said…
You want MY program that I used for the datalogging tests? If your comment isn't about this Pressure sensor, you should post your questions on the forums or TheNXTStep forums.

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