Journey account on Atlanta FLL world finals

Austrian MCP Mike Brandl has published a travelogue of his six days sojourn at the FLL world finals in Atlanta in mid of April. Have a look at his site where you will find a lot of interesting photos and videos.

Besides, it's a good opportunity to see how some of the people that are posting here actually lool like... ;) 


QUIZ for fun NAME the guys:

the 2 guys in orange t-shirts?
the 2 guys in plaid shirts?
the guy in red t-shirt?
the guy holding the ball?
the guy with the big NXT logo t-shirt?

Check out Brandl's page for some hints.
If you're on the picture this QUIZ is not for you!
Unknown said…
The "guy with the ball"?
How dare you to pronounce such insolent terms in connection with The Emperor, The Nagus, The King of Kings, The Son of Heaven, Our Great Khan Steven "NXTorius" I. himself? ;)

May His Reign be long and prosperous!
Unknown said…
Well, here's my entry:
the 2 guys in orange t-shirts:
John Brost and ???
the 2 guys in plaid shirts:
Mike Brandl and Laurens Valk
the guy in red t-shirt:
Martijn Boogarts
the guy holding the ball:
the guy with the big NXT logo t-shirt:
Steve hassenplug

Did I win?! Lol.
jojoguy10 -

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