New NXT Book for Educators

Received the following from Chris Bracken:

I am pleased (and excited) to announce that after 2 years of research, writing, trialing and editing, “Educate NXT” is rolling off the presses at PITSCO (LEGO Education Nth America) for Worldwide distribution.

Educate NXT is a 275 page printed robotics resource (with substantial PowerPoints) for teachers and students. Teachers will find out how to successfully and confidently manage a robotics program within their school. It includes graded student worksheets, extensive teacher sections, animated PowerPoints and additional challenges. Educate NXT is designed to give educators control within the robotics classroom, yet fosters learning freedom and the buzz of student engagement.

I invite all current (and future) Robotics teachers to check out the Educate NXT website which gives a very comprehensive overview of this exciting new resource.


Amanda said…
This book is not currently available, any idea when it will be? We're trying to put together a class for the fall and need some prep time.
TechTeach said…
I am looking forward to reading this book. I have taught Lego Robotics to an afterschool program in the past. There is SO much information out there that it is overwhelming. I am hoping that I'll be able to get some simple plans and ideas from this book for my next class.

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