NXT-G Programming Guide, 2nd Edition

Just a quick note - Apress is releasing a 2nd edition of my NXT-G Programming Guide in July. It covers both NXT-G 1.0 and 2.0, but it's been specifically updated to include the following:

* More sample programs - I've added 25 more sample programs (in the form of Exercises) at the end of most chapters. Each Exercise also has a solution at the end of its respective chapter if you get stuck.

* Coverage of 2.0 Tools - the 2.0 version of the software has some new tools (Image Editor, for example) - I've updated the book to cover the new tools as well.

* Fixed errors - there may be new errors, but I think I got the old ones fixed - and made some updates to some explanations that readers have asked me to go deeper into...

All in all, about 100+ new pages to the book... I don't have a final pagecount yet, but I'll try and post that once I know it... the book is in PDF review right now before heading to the printer.

And for those of you wondering if there will be any more NXT books like Mayan Adventure or King's Treasure - all I can say is Yes... more details will be coming. In the meantime, I've been doing some straight fiction writing (check out jamesfloydkelly.wordpress.com for details) as well as some tech books on non-NXT topics (here and here), so be patient with me - I've got a lot of projects going at once, but more NXT projects are planned.


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