A step-by-step tutorial for setting up JCreator with leJOS NXJ

Being one of the developers of the leJOS NXJ Open Source project, a Java platform for the NXT, some people asked me for help in setting up JCreator for working with leJOS NXJ.
JCreator is a light-weight Java IDE that comes in a free community edition as well as a commercial one; it's not my favorite one (I prefer Eclipse), but I noticed teachers seem to like it for their robotics classes, considering the barrier to entry pretty low.

So here it is: a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up JCreator with leJOS NXJ, allowing you to program your NXT with Java using JCreator.


pc said…
Links to step-by-step instructions are not functioning. I also believe that the instructions might need updating for the new LeJOS v0.9?
Unknown said…
Thanks for the hint.

My web site got completley reorganzed some months ago and the tutorial got lost then. Hence, I have re-uploaded the tutorial and changed the link in the post accordingly.

It was written two years ago but should be pretty up-to-date nonetheless, I guess.
Yet, in case you find anything that does no longer fit the most previous versions of JCreator or leJOS NXJ, please drop me a word.

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