CAD-use Video Series

Not really robot-related, but I'd like to point readers to a new and interesting series that SolidWorks is sponsoring - Let's Go Design.

So far, only the first video is out, but I think you'll get a hint of what's to come - the video is short, so you're not going to see a lot of design theory, but you are getting to see what SolidWorks is capable of and a bit of how it works. I'm curious to see where this Ultimate CAD Chair project goes...

Who knows? Maybe we can convince the Let's Go Design team to try designing the Ultimate NXT Robotics Obstacle Course, build it, and bring it to WorldFest next year?


Matthew said…
Thanks for the mention. Episode two should be out soon, so keep your eyes open.

Matt / SolidWorks
Hi, Matt! I'll keep my eyes open.

Best of luck with this and future projects... I love watching this kind of stuff. (Pitch it to Discovery Channel and maybe you'll get a weekly show!)

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