Carnegie Mellon Sale

I haven't visited the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy website in quite a while, and I noticed they are having a sale at their robotics store. I have no idea how long it will last—or how long it's already been advertised.


Very interesting -- at first i thought it was a sale on the NXT Edu kit, but after further reading it is for the Teaching Material called Robot Science... here is what it says:

ROBOT Science
Use LEGO Robots to teach scientific principles around speed, heat, sound, and color. Students will design and develop robotic prototypes that will use powerful features built into the NXT to collect data and report it back in the form of graphs and tables. Students will use this data to form conclusions that cement their understanding of these important and technological concepts. The culminating engineering activity is a robot bridge inspection project.

This teaching tool features five standards-based science and technology projects designed to teach scientific methodology and engineering process as students use sensors to measure speed, heat, light, and sound. Each lesson includes:

* Step-by-step video guidance for students
* Worksheets and handouts
* Quizzes, answer keys, and sample solutions for teachers
* Lesson plans with classroom tips for each lesson.

No prior experience with the NXT or programming is required.This product aligns with national math, science, and technology education standards.

Unlock the scientific power of the NXT!

ROBOT Science is sold as a classroom license and enables the teacher to place the curriculum on every computer in a single classroom. Developed by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy.

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