Dexter Industries Contest!

Received an email this morning from Dexter Industries about a new contest... The dFlex Sensor is an interesting idea... and definitely unique to the NXT's 3rd party products. Check out the rules below:

Win a Free dFlex Sensor!The dFlex has landed! To celebrate the dFlex release, we’re offering three ways to get your robotic hands on one of these sensors:

Get it now: obviously, the quickest way is to go to the dFlex page, and buy it.

Our Twitter-thon: Follow us on twitter and retweet the message: The dFlex has landed!; I want a #dFlex for Lego Mindstorms NXT by @dexterind; You're automatically entered to win a free dFlex. That's it: all you have to do is follow our twitter feed and retweet the message. We’ll randomly pick a tweet, and tweet the winner of our twitter contest on June 18th on our twitter feed.

Our Facebook contest: You can enter to win a free dFlex and Dexter Industries T-Shirt! Just tell us how you'll use the dFlex. Post a quick description of your idea on our messageboard here (two sentences or more about how it works, what it would do) about a design or creation you’d use the dFlex for. With the help of our judges, we’ll pick the most creative idea and send you a free dFlex. Make your creation and we’ll put a video and pictures of it on our website and Facebook page!We will announce the winner of the Facebook contest on June 18th on our Facebook Fan Page.


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