A new way to program the NXT?

Received an interesting email from Clinton at Sabre Robotics asking "[what] if you could program an NXT robot with code sort of like this":

sample scratch script for Chelonius

It's a very interesting read - check out the entire writeup here. Best of all, if you've got any interest in helping with the development of this project, the team would love to have your help and feedback. Clinton does state, however, that "I don't want to raise false hopes -- what I have right now is really only useable and extendable by someone comfortable with doing a little work in leJOS."

If you are interested, contact sabre.robotics@gmail.com - you're also asked to take a look at the follow-up article here.


Jere Genest said…
r Mindstorm. That is two of my sons tastes joined together. I know the MIT MEdia Lab can run lego wedo through Scratch so it makes sense NXT should be able to.
Damien Kee said…
Scratch and WeDo is a fantastic combination. I've seen kids making interactive games and presentations using the WeDo sensors as inputs.
i used to make games with scratch thats so cool to see something that simple go to an nxt.
I really can't wait to see what incredible things kids will come up with if they can program their NXTs via a variant of Scratch!

I will be sure to update blog readers here if and when I make significant progress.
NXTreme said…
Haha, that is cool! The coolest part is that I saw it done in real life! I went to the Robot Games in Calgary and saw the Art Bot at work! I didn't expect that to be posted here :). It did seem really easy when I saw it and the Art Bot did perform quite well; although the marker was running dry by the end :D.
jmots2 said…
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Milo said…
is that scratch code?

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