NXTitzki: new NXT 2.0 bonus model on LEGO.com MINDSTORMS

From the official MINDSTORMS site, there's a new NXT 2.0 bonus model available: NXTitzki, a basketball-playing NXT robot that is named after Dirk Nowitzki, a famous German NBA player.

NXTitzki can either be remotely controlled by a player or run autonomously, using the Ultrasonic sensor for obstacle detection and the feet-mounted color sensor for line detection (which allows for interesting navigation strategies and pitch setups).
When using more than one instance, nice matches and tournaments can be devised, so it might prove an attractive model for classroom activities also.

It was designed, built and filmed by me; feel free to visit the associated page at my NXT web site.


Unknown said…
Odd - I see NXT 1 not 2, and I see 2 NXTs , not one?
Anonymous said…
Love the 'hair'!

@Roger: I think the video is about the player, not the hoop. And those light-gray panels are from NXT 2.0.
Laurens Valk said…
Yes, the colors are a little different than those in the NXT 2.0, but that doesn't matter.

I like the model! Now we need to build a whole series of them and have them work together...
Unknown said…
Indeed, the hoop is only shown to spice up the movie and to show some application for NXTitzki.

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