Jun 8, 2010

Problem Solving - Adam Savage Method

If you've got an hour to spare, check out Adam Savage's speech from Maker Faire 2010 in California. He talks about problem solving - specifically HIS methodology - and while listening to it, all I could think was that this was a perfect methodology for robot design.

Some of the talking points may not necessarily fit with NXT robot design or programming (such as budget issues or location - or maybe they do!)... but I think you'll get the picture. He's provides a very organized list of questions to ask yourself as well as reminders for when you're deep in a project.

The entire thing is fun to watch, especially if you're a MythBusters fan, but if you don't have the time, skip to part 3 and watch it and part 4... definitely worth the time.


Ivan Seidel said...

Realy cool, i'm in part 5

Pe-ads said...

When I saw the Maker Faire montage, and saw Adam Savage, I was like "Wish I could have been there even MORE!" So now it's on the web, it's like a dream true :-)

I will watch it later, when I have the time.

Martijn Hellemans "Dino_Martino" said...

MINDSTORMS *and* MythBusters... this is me in a nutshell! :)
I like MythBusters... anyone who has seen it, knows what amazing contraptions they build. absolutely marvelous. I like the way they combine there knowledge from studies/experience, and form an incredible team.
Adam Savage - and the rest of the Mythbusters crew - are absolutely brilliant.

Pe-ads said...

Really, really good talk. The Q&A at the end was great as well. Also, who else knew he was a great pool player and worked for Industrial Light and Magic? WOW!

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