R/C Boat

This is a fantastic looking boat that is controlled by a NXT. From what I can tell from the Brickshelf photos, steering is done with a NXT motor and the dual props are controlled by the NXT via some PowerFunctions motors.

I love the pneumatic tubing that gives the boat some shape. The boat is controlled by a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

More (italian) info here - hobbymedia.it/24101/lego-nxt-rc-boat-barca-radiocomandata-con-mindstorms-nxt

Damien Kee

via Make


Ron said…
Those little propellers can drive that?
Matt Ward said…
That is absolutely amazing. I cant believe it floats. How long have you been into RC boating? I was thinking about buying an electric rc boats I was reading about on http://blog.remotorboater.com but like the idea of a Lego boat better. Would you be willing to make a tutorial on how to make one of these? Cheers.

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