Checkers playing robot

Fantastic checkers playing robot that popped up on YouTube

It's a little slow, but makes up for it with the fact that it has regular NXt motors, Linear Actuators and Pneumatics all in the one design!

From their YouTube page:
This mindstorms robot checkers can play checkers against itself, with a person, another robot, or with a computer.
Language: Matlab (robot vision), C (checkers engine), NXC (inverse kinetic done here, could have done in Matlab)
Microsoft webcam
2 motors for x and y (inverse kinetic)
1 motor for linear actuator (low or raise the piece)
1 motor to switch the pneumatics (grab the piece)
1 motor to provide air pressure to the tank
1 NXTMMX mux to control 2 additional motors.

Damien Kee


NickNackGus said…
Now all it needs is a LEGO camera, or maybe to be limited to the parts from one or two kits.
very slow but these robots that play board games and such are always very interesting. To be able to play a game with a robot that you invented is just awesome :)

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