Custom NXT-G MyBlocks

We just had a good discussion over at mailing list about creating custom graphics for your MyBlocks.

It turns out that the icons for the MyBlocks are in .png format and can be found in:

.../Program Files/LEGO MINDSTORMS Edu NXT/engine/Icons/MyBlocks (or remove the Edu if you have the retail version)

I needed to delete one of the existing icons to keep it to 72 files (6x12 grid of possible icons in the editor) before adding my own.

Now I just need to figure out how to make this block actually work! :)

*clipart from

Damien Kee


sqiddster said…
Nice discovery! If you make a myblock with a custom icon, then delete that custom to make room for another, does anything happen to the myblock using the first custom image?
NickNackGus said…
You can make .png images using Photoshop or GIMP (a free image editor with similar abilities). The .png file is compact, lossless, and contains an alpha channel by default, allowing for pixels to be transparent, 0x00 (0) being invisible, 0xFF (255) being completely opaque. Anyone want to try a semi-transparent image for a myblock?

This once again makes me wonder why the bulky and lossy .jpg format is still the standard, seeing how it is also known for a problem only it has: JPEG artifacts. Don't believe me? Try saving the NXT's font from the firmware development kit in the .jpg format, closing the document, and then viewing it. You can't read it too well, can you? Or, is it gray, meaning that those pixels will turn up white? Either way...
Eric D. Burdo said…
You can also use Paint.NET - a free windows paint program... I find it easier to use than GIMP, and very powerful.


wow i tried your myblock and i make 5$ that's amazing... of course it only works if you wire the block to your bank account!


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