LDraw & MLCad Updates!

I consider myself a happy person and this news makes me even happier. I like LEGO and I also like re-creating and saving LEGO contraptions with a CAD setup. You might have seen products of such a setup in the form of building instructions shared on the web or in several MINDSTORMS books available on the shelves. My setup of choice is LDraw and MLCad and both have inhabited my PCs for over 12 years. These are excellent free programs and are supported by a fantastic group of developers that work with an impeccable attention to the details. Their work really shows in the building instructions that can be created. Updates and new versions are always big news...maybe this is one of the bigger times things are coming together. MLCad version 3.30 is released to the world and the LDraw 2010-02 Parts Update is now available containing a great number of new finely-crafted official CAD parts. Installing the software can be a bit tricky sometimes but help can be found in a few books (including, 'The LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Idea Book', and 'LEGO Software Power Tools') as well as the websites that offer the software and other user websites like LUGNET. The work by all those involved is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Users new and old will benefit from these updates. If you have never seen such a thing...I suggest looking deeper. This rabbit hole goes very deep!



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