Over 90 NXT Projects and 150 NXT-G Programs on CD

Now available is the CD LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 by Example, which contains the NXT 2.0 projects from nxtprograms.com in convenient CD format plus exclusive bonus projects and bonus material.

Designed to be both fun and educational, the CD is intended for users of the NXT 2.0 (8547) kit (NXT 1.0 users see the CD 65 Fun Projects for your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT).

In addition to the 23 NXT 2.0 Projects on nxtprograms.com, the CD also contains the following exclusive bonus content:
  1. Over 70 ready-to-run and fully commented NXT-G programs for the new Multi-Bot project, for both fun and programming education (beginner to advanced). Studying and using these programs will provide an extensive education in NXT-G programming, including a variety of techniques for motor control, sensor usage, and more (see the program descriptions).

  2. A new Vending Machine project.

  3. The Pinball Machine project (demonstrated at the LEGO booth at FLL World Festival 2009).

  4. The full version of the Guitar Challenge Game project, including the PC song editor and full source code for the NXC and C programs.

  5. A library of useful My Blocks, plus two more complex programs that make extensive use of other My Blocks to demonstrate breaking down a complex task into parts.
In addition, the CD also contains 66 NXT 1.0 Projects, which can be adapted for NXT 2.0 with additional parts, or used to inspire your own NXT 2.0 designs.

All projects have full step-by-step building instructions with color photos and ready-to-run NXT-G programs in convenient and fast-access digital format, with no internet access required.

I will blog some more info and previews on these items and post some videos in the coming days and weeks.


Fay Rhodes said…
This is a must-have.

Dave's instructions are well-tested and his instructions are in the form of full-color photographs—which are of exceptional quality.
Jinane Karhani said…
is there a similar CD for nxt 1.0??

thank you
Unknown said…
It looks like Dave's website http://www.nxtprograms.com is dead and has been hijacked by some Chinese website... It either redirects to http://unavailable.com or redirects to a Chinese website using :8080 to redirect...
How can I buy the NXT 2.0 projects CD?... You can contact me at jb.4jun57(atSignHere)gmail.com Dave.

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