Transformable Wall-E

Received the following from Andreas:

"I built a Lego NXT wall-e transformable fully self controlled, it uses Lego Mindstorms programming environment. The video shows the transformation which is quite similar to the original wall-e. It is for all I know the first in Lego build look-alike which is capable to transform automated."

Nice work, Andreas!

Video below and more information can be found here:


Congratulation on this awesome Wall-E transformable NXT Robot!!! YES definitely a first!!!

Anonymous said…
Me and my friend started a wall-e in November of last year. It was huge! 2 NXT's and it was fully transformable (manual, but hey:P) The only issue was that it was so big, I couldn't hold it's self up. So we sacrificed the transforming ability, so we could bring it to brickworld!

Great job on this one, really inspires me to make a smaller one of my own!
zhijiez said…
This is SO cool!!! :D
Vendionsen said…
Congratulations! Really impressive! Now, will I be able to buy a book with instructions? please..?

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