FLL 2010-2011 - Body Forward Team Materials

Marco over at TechBrick has been hard at work again preparing materials for the upcoming FLL season... be sure to check out everything he's offering by clicking here. Some details below...

What will you find on our 2010-2011 resource page?

  • Table Elements Instructions in one zip file.
  • Body Forward Images For Your Own Worksheets, Posters, and Clothing
  • Worksheet for the "Body Forward" Challenge Table
  • 11x17 Field Worksheet for Strategy
  • A Worksheet for the Challenge Elements
  • Step-By-Step Programming Worksheet
  • Awesome Lego parts that can win you a FLL tournament (3 pages)
  • What is a Team Info Sheet?
  • Cool LEGO Ruler With Stud Counters
  • Mission Path Robot Speed Spreadsheet
And a time lapse video of the table setup... fun to watch:


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