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While reading another one of my favorite LEGO web sites (TechnicBRICKs blog) I came across a discussion and link to an interesting PDF and books. The books are not strictly NXT related, but they do contain some very interesting construction techniques. All are elements described are very simple but can be included in more complex devices.

The books are available for pre order on Amazon and Isogawa Yoshihito still has a wonderful 200 page PDF available for only $10.

I downloaded the PDF, looked through it and immediately went to PayPal and paid the $10 he was asking. It is a free download and there are no restrictions on the content, but I suggest if you download it, like it and intend to keep it, please pay for it! This will encourage him and others to continue to publish books in this format. I like PDF format books as they are usually in full color and very portable (I can read on my laptop or iPad).

I hope to see more books on both NXT and non-NXT topics available in PDF format.

The link to his site and PDF is:


Andy Dannelley

If life gives you LEGO®, build ROBOTS


Unknown said…
Isogawa's three volume LEGO Technic Idea Book series is off to the printer. We should have bound copies in about five weeks. It's pretty amazing.

Here's some information on the first volume:

Each volume is printed in full color on nice paper.

Bill Pollock
No Starch Press
Peter Hoh said…
I'm looking forward to getting print copies of these for my classes.

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