Low Cost Smart Wheel Chair

Daniele Benedettelli has been working on several new projects with the NXT lately. One of them is a robotic wheel chair with that uses the NXT. On his website he says:

"The aim is to realize a robotic wheelchair that will allow disabled people to gain mobility and independency. The motivation of this project is that existing smart wheelchairs are very expensive and they are not so smart.

The idea is to realize such a vehicle using low cost hardware such as LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, a netbook, other off-the-shelf technology, and custom sensors."

You can watch Danny's project presentation and several other videos using this link.


Jordan Gray said…
I can't figure out how to register in the NXTstep forums... When I click the Register link (http://thenxtstep.com/smf/index.php?action=register), it just tells me "An Error Has Occurred!
Sorry, registration is currently disabled."

When/How can I make an account?
Jordan Gray said…
P.S. about the registering for the forums:
An email notification to let me know when registration is back open would be nice

- Jordan Gray
Laurens Valk said…

I emailed the person who decides about the forums :)

I'll let you know,

Jordan Gray said…
Thanks so much! I felt really bad about posting my question here, as it was sorta spam. Thanks for your help, though!

- Jordan
Cesc said…
It looks like a nice project! I wonder I could colaborate in it!

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