NXT 2.0 Discovery Book Video

This is a new video that I made for the NXT 2.0 Discovery Book. Check it out, and if you have any questions about the book, feel free to post them here.


Simpfan said…
This book are very good. I own it, and have build almost all robots, I recommend this book for everyone lego builders :) I have two chapter to bould before I have read out the book. I Gonna buil this robots more time, and maybe I gonna modify it and make more functions. Good book to learn to beginning building Lego mindstorms NXT.
Martijn H. said…
I don't have this book, and I'm probably not gonna buy it (I don't think it is that interesting for me personally).
However, it does seem a very good book for the new generation of MINDSTORMers...
I wish I had it when I first got my kit =)
it looks like the perfect manual to lower the entrance treshold of MINDSTORMS, like stated in the video, perhaps it should be included in the kit!
Good job Laurens! Can't wait for the next one ;)
Fred said…
I wish someone can publish a LEGO NXT book which uses parts only from the LEGO 9797 NXT Education set. Such a book would very useful in a classroom setting.
Robotica said…
I do own ALL NXT related books and I must say that this is by far the best book I've seen (for the target age)

I think for all the NXT2.0 users who want to learn beyond the kit, and build state of the art models it is THE must have book.

The education set (9797)is very limited on parts, therefore it is harder to write a book with nice models.
you can add the education resource kit,

But then you have all the parts needed for NXT1.0 books.

Fred said…
All NXT1.0 books uses parts from the NXT retail sets, which are very different from the 9797 education set. A typical classroom setting would only have the 9797 education set and I can see that an NXT book which only requires the 9797 Education set will be in great demand.
Laurens Valk said…

I understand your comment about books for the education market.

I have taught with the NXT in the classroom and I used a slightly modified version of the Explorer/ Discovery robot that comes in this book. This required the resource set, though.

One reason I did that is because I could easily make my own instructions and spread an instruction booklet into three parts, so that three kids could build without fighting over who was building, searching the parts, or doing nothing.

I also would have liked some smaller models that could be built with just the NXT edu base kit.

Writing a book for the classroom is quite different from writing one for retail. I personally wrote for retail because that market seems to be larger, and it gives me a bit more flexibility.

Damien Kee has written a few books for the classroom which you may be interesting in reading:



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