NXT Biped Climbs Stairs!

While browsing some of my favorite sites today I came across this amazing video.

It was done by 222Doc who frequents the NXTasy forums.

Congrats to 222Doc for a fine implementation!

Andy Dannelley


I_Fixed_It_44 said…
222Doc makes Some Good Robots,the robot can also do a headstand(there videos of it on the NXTAsy forums)
Björn Leenen said…
Followed this bot for a while and I must say: odd-looking, but awsome how it works.
Fay Rhodes said…
It is amazing! Does anyone know if it is run with remote control?
222Doc said…
HI, thx for posting this, a honor to get posted here. This film here the program is NXTg(no R/c) and all the films this years are as well.

Doc (mac ruiz)

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