NXT Sequencer

This is a follow up to my previous sequencer.

Version 2 can be built from the NXT2.0 kit, and you can download the instructions and program here

The program is quite straightforward, just takes in a colour sensor reading (0-5) which feeds a 'value' switch. Each tab in the switch corresponds with a particular colour/note combination. Black (carpet) gives no note.

Damien Kee


ThinkBrick said…
this is a fantastic model!
Unknown said…
WOW! I loved the first one, but couldn't build it (because I didn't have the Exo-Force wheel), but now you can make one with a single NXT 2.0 kit! Thanks for sharing!
Damien Kee said…

Send us a pic or some video if you do get around to building it :)
Andy D said…
This is just amazing. Such an uncomplicated construction and program yet it does something so interesting.

Kudos for the NXT Sequencer!


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