Tilted Twister 2.0

Remember this? TiltedTwister.
Hans is back, and now with an even nicer Cube Solver, completely made with the NXT2.0 retail kit.

He supplied complete Building instructions

Happy building, and solving your little brothers cube.


NickNackGus said…
Can you rewrite this program in NXC? I don't have a 2.0 kit, but I think I have enough parts to rebuild it anyway. I'll just use the HiTechnic color sensor. (And my computer has trouble with NXT-G. Not enough RAM for anything more complicated than the examples.)
Sree said…
We went and purchased an original rubiks cube and after careful assembly we have two issues. The color sensor is having issues differentiating between orange and red . The tilter arm is not positioning the cube at times and we are having to manually place the cube in the correct position. Any help in resolving the color issue would be great .
Robotica said…
Try different ambient light I used diffus Not too bright TL-light that worked.

Unknown said…
It's already in NXC Tim.

Ages ago I rewrote a version of this for NXT 2.0 and it differentiates the colours flawlessly. Look on NXtasy.org in the forums for posts by me "Dodgey".

The real challenge comes with getting the machine to consistently handle the cube accurately and not get jammed or slip. The secret is in having a very loose/well lubed cube.

I plan on rebuilding this soon but adding PF motors to straighten the cube after each move, using PFMate as the inteface. Problem is I broke my cube! :-)
Hi ,
Which size (in mm) should be Rubic cube ?

Unknown said…
Never measured it but a genuine rubik cube works just right. There is only ONE genuine Rubik cube. Not the mini one of course :-)
Can somebody measure it genuine rubik cube. In our shop there are only china cubes. It has 58mm.
Is it right ?

Unknown said…
I just measured a brand new genuine cube with a digital micrometer (for my model helicopters :-) ) - 57mm.
Hi again
robot has troubles with color recognition.. I'm try compile your program.

Setup Bricx Command Center.
try to compile and get error undefined Identifier ReadSensorColorEx

Can you help me?
Please email on fedalal@gmail.com

Best Regards,
I'm find how to fix it.
Also add code to your program, when not all colors are corrected response, show me side info with ability to change.

Your robot fantastic!!!
Thank you.

Unknown said…
We need help! My 10 year old son build the tilted twister 2.0 and we downloaded the new program to the brick. When we run it the sensor arm does not swing over the cube and it stops after it says "thank you". We know the sensor and motor work. It also seems to go very slow even though we have new batteries in it. Any ideas out there?
Gary said…
It mechanically works fine, but can't get it to solve
the cube. Any suggestions?
Unknown said…
Help! My son and I can't seem to figure out how to download the program to the brick. Does anyone have step by step instructions on how, and where to unzip the files etc? Thanks!
j-rod said…
I have built it but i don't know how to download the program or even how to put it on the brick.

Can someone please help?
sisgene said…
For instruction on downloading the code and sounds to the brick, you can find infos here :

It's for an other "robot" but the method is the same.

For info the solver works well with an original Rubik's Cube, but badly with a clone one.

Also it's best to set the turntable to it's home position (anti clockwise until block) before starting.
Ethan100101 said…
The arm on my tilted twister doesnt turn the cube around it eather hits the cube and knocks the cube out or it doesnt get the cube turned all of the way PLEASE HELP
Unknown said…
The tilted twister 2.0 seems to work but doesn't solve our (original) Rubix cube correctly. Any suggestions for troubleshooting? Is there a different program available we could try? Thanks.
Unknown said…
Never mind... we discovered that we had a wrong piece in the construction of the color sensor arm. Replaced that piece and now it works great! Yay!!

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