A visit to LEGOLAND

One of the highlights of my vacation in the last two weeks was a visit to the mother of all LEGOLANDs in Billund, Denmark. Though there was not a single NXT there (not even in what is said to be Europe's largest LEGO® shop), it supplied other kinds of fun:


Adam Eyring said…
My grandparents went there in the 1980s and I'll have to find their photos to compare the scenes. I think they've avoided NXT because of the need for batteries to keep exhibits running. They should, however, have an exhibit with staffers operating NXT-driven things, which of course includes keeping batteries fresh.
Samarth said…
I went to legoland in Germany and there were so many nxts there was even a mindstorems section
Unknown said…
Well, one could run the bricks with the LEGO® accumulator connected to a power outlet, so no need for batteries, at least not for stationary robots.
I remember from my first visit to the new German LEGOLAND at Günzburg some three or four years ago that they had a exhibition of collaborating robots; still RCXs back then, but it was a most interesting showcase, nevertheless.

In my opinion LEGO is squandering a huge marketing opportunity here - imagine how many children (and adults) interested in LEGO® would get in contact with NXT MINDSTORMS that way!

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