Finding a ball

For my actual project, a soccer-playing NXT robot, I've started with a prototype that is capable of finding a ball that broadcasts infrared signals; on that behalf it uses the IR Seeker Sensor by HiTechnic :

The programmed with leJOS NXJ, the Java platform for LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT; working with it again revealed to me how powerful and elegant, yet easy to use leJOS has become by now.


Eric said…
I used LeJOS NXJ for a soccer project as well. I was part of a Robocup Junior Soccer team. We went to the finals in Singapore last june.

Our team was called thetechnobotts.

Our source code can be found here (for the robots), here (for the sensor APIs not yet present in standard LeJOS), and here ( for the omni-directional robot code).

One thing of note in there is the fix to the compass sensor class.
Eric said…
Oh bother, I forgot the http:// on that url.

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