First LEGO League Apps - Part 1

Received the following from Cory Sawyer:

I’m a 3rd year coach of a Charter School hosted team in Massachusetts. I’ve created a web-browser application and an Android phone application for scoring this year’s FLL robot challenge table and would love to see people using it!

Here are some details:

FLL Scoring app for web browsers and droid phones

The web version is available at This version is capable of being used online if you’re fortunate enough to have a web connection in your practice area, or if like me, there is no internet connection where you practice, you can download a local copy and use it while not connected to the web.

The android version is available in the android market, at this address

You can also just search for “Cory Sawyer” or “FLL”.

The Body Forward Score Keeper Includes:

  • No Cost (Free)
  • Built-in 2:30 timer with 10 second audible countdown and alarm
  • Per Task Score
  • Per Task Help
  • Table Total Score
  • Send score via email, text, or ...
  • Available in :
    • English
    • Danish
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Hebrew (coming soon)
    • More on request
If any of our readers have any feedback for Cory, please share it here or email him directly. The online app looks cool, but I'm not running a droid device at the moment... thanks to Cory for developing this and letting us know about it!


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