First LEGO League Apps - Part 3

Another FLL app has appeared, this one from Brian over at Their Body Forward Scorecard is for the iPhone and iPad, and you can read more details here.

[Note: I'm going to try and get an iPad screenshot up shortly - having difficulty synching my iPad with iTunes right now - not the apps fault... mine!]

From the website:

This scoring app is simply beautiful. Start the timer, place a check by each completed mission, and the score is calculated instantly. You can read up on mission specifics and see mission models without interrupting your run. Allows you to track your team's progress with the Score History feature that automatically saves scores and individual mission accomplishments to an easy to view, and easy to email format.

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Score your runs instantly
  • Observes exact scoring requirements for the Body Forward Challenge
  • Detailed overview and photos of each mission
  • Countdown timer to time your run
  • Audible alarm with 10 second countdown at end of run
  • Automatically saves details of your run to Score History
  • Keep track of your team's progress with the Score History function
  • Email details of any run from your Score History all without leaving the app
  • Beautiful Retina Display graphics
For all 3 apps we've covered so far, we'd love to hear feedback from our readers on their experiences using these scoring apps. And, of course, please let the developers know what you think so they can continue to update/fix bugs and add improvements.

Thanks, Brian!


Unknown said…
Thanks for posting about our app!

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