Making Music with the NXT

Making Music with the NXT is the simplest, most interesting NXT book I own. The instruments in it can be built with any NXT kit—including the Education version. That, alone, made the book stand out! (See video here.)

The thing is, it's not just an NXT book; it's an integration of mathematics and science with music, and it's done in a way that almost anyone could understand. I'd expect this book to be particularly popular with teachers and home school parents; but anyone interested in music and the NXT would find it a good buy.

The basic striker is so simple that my three-year-old granddaughter can enjoy playing with it. (Notice, I said playing with it. Even my brilliant granddaughter should not be left alone to "build" with an NXT kit.)

The trumpet is so cool, that a "kid" of any age will enjoy using it.

For my money, it's $16 well spent.


I'd been curious about that book; thanks for the review, Fay. Thanks to your link, I see there is a video showing off some of the instruments.

That striker is really clever! I tried building a robot to strike an instrument in the past, and worried about hitting it too hard -- I love how Damien came up with a way to let gravity to the hitting. Brilliant.

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