As many of you may have noticed, nxtasy.org is gone :(
Please read below some important news received today!

Sadly, it looks like the forums on nxtasy.org have gone down for good.  Several attempts to contact the site owner have gone unanswered.  The hosting company, aplus.net, refuses to respond to inquiries or offers of payment from anyone other than the site owner.
In order to provide a more stable source for the kind of LEGO MINDSTORMS discussions that the nxtasy forums were known for, a group of concerned nxtasy forum users have come together to create a new site.  The new site is www.mindboards.net.  It is hosted on the sourceforge website in association with the newly created mindboards project.  On the sourceforge side the early planning involves posting source and binaries for many different LEGO MINDSTORMS tools, such as the enhanced NBC/NXC firmware code (C), Dave Baum's and my latest NQC source code (C++), some of my cross-platform tools for the NXT (Free Pascal/Lazarus), and tools for iPhone OS and Android. 
The mindboards.net forums are in need of users and content.  They are the primary reason for the new site.  We will continue to try to acquire much of the existing nxtasy forum content, if at all possible, and make it available somehow from mindboards.net.  Along with the forums we have options for a blog, a wiki page, as well as the delivery of sourcecode and pre-built tools via the sourceforge SVN repositorys and file management system.  What we need most right now is your input, feedback, and participation.  If you know someone who is missing the nxtasy.org forums please spread the word.  We hope that it will be a suitable replacement.
Later tonight or tomorrow redirects should be functional for the following urls:
Thanks for listening and my apologies for the unsolicited email.
John Hansen


NXTreme said…
Yes, YES, YES!!! Finally, something that will hopefully relieve everybody's sorrow and despair over losing NXTasy :). We knew it'd happen but never really could do much about it. Thank you very much to John Hansen, Brian Davis, Steve Hassenplug and Xander Soldaat for working hard at creating a place where we can all do what we did at NXTasy.
Unknown said…
Thanks to the brave men (gang of four?) who have brought this into being.

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