"My Blocks" Tutorial Available

The standard NXT-G programming system for the NXT includes a feature called "My Blocks" that lets you create your own custom programming blocks. This is especially useful when developing complex programs, so that you can build up more complex actions from simpler actions that you can re-use. Although creating a simple My Block is not hard, it gets trickier to make more complex and more useful ones, and there are a number of practical concerns.

For anyone wanting to learn more about My Blocks, I have posted this web tutorial, which starts at the basics and works up to more complex uses, including input and output parameters, simulating local variables, and various practical concerns such as testing and maintenance.


Andy D said…

Thank you for a great tutorial! I have not been through it in detail, but what I have read impresses me very much.

Your efforts to extend, explain and make NXT more accessible are just great!

Keep up the great work!

ronmcrae said…
I have to commend you on taking the time to prepare such a detailed and informative tutorial and making it freely available to all.

Rice School said…
Thank you very much for this tutorial. I just found it this morning so I have not gone through all of it, but I am impressed at the depth of your work.
Keep it up!

laescuela rice

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