NXT Quad Track Tank

While reading the Eurobricks forum I came across this

More photos are available in the original posting.

Over on Eurobricks they have a forum "LEGO Technic, Mindstorms & Model Team" Which is a good source for Technic construction and NXT ideas.

The complete description (from the post) is..

NXT controlled robot tank which automatically searches for targets and attacks, while evades large obstacles.

Main components include: one NXT brick, three servo motors, one ultrasonic sensor, one light sensor and one touch sensor.

All loading wheels have individual suspension. Two propulsion motors are located in front part and driving power is being transmitted to rear tracks via two Technic Universal Joint 3L. The front and rear parts are linked in a flexible and stable way.

Programming platform is NXT-G.

This is a very impressive and small NXT controlled ROBOT tank, just shows what can be done with a little time and imagination.



If Life Gives You LEGO®, Build ROBOTS!


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