NXT "Robots Alive" Book Available for iPad

The full-color book is now in Apple's iBookstore, and can be downloaded via iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. More information about the paperback and EPUB versions of the book is available here.

Information about Apple's iBookstore is here. For Dave Parker's excellent post on using the iPad for building instructions, go here.


Andy D said…
This is great news! Congratulations Faye!

I hope more NXT books turn up on iBooks.


Response posted from my iPad
Unknown said…
It sounds nice but I couldn't find it anywhere on the app store in the ibookstore on my ipad. I searched under Robots alive but got no hits.

Any suggestions??
Rick Rhodes said…

It's coming up under "Robots Alive" when I search for it. (Just did it a moment ago).

It also comes up under:

Fay Rhodes

Are you using the lastest update for the iBook app?

Rick R.
Rick Rhodes said…

We also had a family member check it, using their iBookstore app. The book is showing up on their device as well.

Let us know if you're still having problems--we'll contact the publisher if you are.

Rick R.
Rick Rhodes said…

What country are you in? Apple's web site says that the iBookstore's content varies, depending on the country.

Fay Rhodes said…
Some of the Apple forum comments lead me to believe it has something to do with your iBookstore settings. You can, apparently, change countries. I don't have an iPad, so I cannot check this.

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